Alipants' Art
Environmentally Friendly Art and Jewellery

Alison Bartlett

BA (Hons) Design Crafts

My work examines the relationship between the natural and the man made with an emphasis on nature being the more powerful, gradually overtaking everything.
A strong desire to protect and preserve this beautiful earth we all share is what drives my work. Whilst many people talk of us destroying the planet, I think that if we continue to disrespect it and ignore the warnings of the effect our actions are having, the planet will eventually fight back and ultimately destroy us. 
Sustainability is fundamental; although at times it is certainly ‘not easy being green’, I have tried to consider the environmental impact of every aspect of making, from material choices to production methods and the future life of my creations- I use recycled bottle glass and other reclaimed materials and all pieces have dismantlable components for ease of further recycling if ever necessary. It can be surprising how what appears to be rubbish can be transformed into something new, of equal or greater value, eliminating the need for using new raw materials.
I want to convey the message that people need to be more open minded about change and less selfish and wasteful.  Jewellery has the potential to do this as it is carried around by the wearer and communicates something to everyone they come into contact with, often provoking conversation, and perhaps further contemplation.

I am currently working on developing a range of eco-friendly wedding jewellery- watch this space!


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